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Law Offices of Lynda J. Westlund


Lynda J. Westlund is a highly experienced attorney who has successfully handled thousands of cases all over the state of California.  She has earned a reputation for being zealous about the rights of the accused, and for vigorously and tirelessly defending her clients.  If you are accused of a crime, more than your freedom is at stake: a criminal conviction can alter the course of your family life, career, and community involvements. Selecting the right lawyer is of the greatest importance:  you need an attorney who has the experience, determination and resolve to fight the accusations on every level.  Ms. Westlund has practiced in every court in Los Angeles County, as well as most courts in surrounding counties, and knows the system inside and out.  Here at the Law Offices of Lynda J. Westlund, we promise you aggressive representation, constant accessibility to your lawyer, and affordable and reasonable rates.  Please call us for a free consultation, or submit your case to our online form. We look forward to assisting you.


LJW is affiliated with the following organizations:

Innocence Project, CACJ (California Attorneys for Criminal Justice)
NACDL (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers)
LACBA (Los Angeles County Bar Association)
South Bay Bar Association