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Ms. Westlund began her career as a Deputy Public Defender, where she worked for five years in San Francisco, Humboldt and Los Angeles counties, respectively.  In this capacity, she handled thousands of cases, and tried over sixty of them, misdemeanor and felony, to jury verdict.  After winning a long line of acquittals for her clients, she developed her core philosophy, which has become her approach to each and every criminal case.  The approach is simply this:  the Government is often times wrong. Whether in a major or a series of small ways, the State is often mistaken, misled, or inaccurate.  Ms. Westlund believes that anything less insistent than this approach, from the very beginning, sets an accused up for failure.


As an attorney, Ms. Westlund’s obligation to each and every client is to uncover and exploit the Government’s errors regarding the charges and the evidence, and in so doing obtain the best possible result for her clients, whether it be a dismissal, an acquittal, or a reduction in charges and penalties.  Additionally, Ms. Westlund is expert at presenting her clients –with their professional, family, community and educational accomplishments-- in the best possible light to prosecutors, judges and juries, which, almost without fail, results in a positive impact on the outcome of a case.


Ms. Westlund went from public service to private practice in order to broaden the scope of her experience, while seizing the opportunity to focus more intensely on individual cases and clients.  Ms. Westlund has represented many accused individuals, in both state and federal court, on serious felonies involving massive firearm seizures.  Firearm laws and regulations are almost incomprehensible to most lawyers, let alone folks with no formal legal training.  For these firearm cases, Ms. Westlund tirelessly researched, wrote and filed all manner of suppression and dismissal motions, writs and appeals.  Additionally, she served as a Panel Member for an educational seminar on Firearms:  Possession, Use and the Law.


In sum, Ms. Westlund can be counted on, without exception, to zealously, aggressively and inexhaustibly find, pursue and litigate every available line of defense on behalf of her clients, while treating each client with the utmost respect, compassion and consideration.



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