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Criminal Trial Services


The Law Offices of Lynda J. Westlund has experience dealing with every kind of case, from misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence to serious and violent felonies.  No case is too big or too small for our office.  Every client will be treated with respect and given effective and aggressive legal representation.  Call us now to speak with an attorney immediately.

Some of the types of cases we most frequently handle are:

•    Assault and Battery
•    Assault with a Deadly Weapon
•    Attempted Murder
•    Domestic Violence
•    Driving Under the Influences
•    DMV Services
•    Drug Possession and Possession of Narcotics for Sale
•    Gang Allegations
•    Sex Offenses
•    Theft Crimes
•    Unlawful Possession of Firearms, Possession of California “Assault Weapons,” Possession of Machineguns


Post Conviction Relief


•    Probation Violations
•    Probation Modifications

•    Expungements
•    Findings of Factual Innocence

•    Direct Appeals
•    Writs

•    Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus